2017 Brighton Marathon Weekend 10k

It was a warm sunny Saturday morning as I rushed down to Brighton pier to pick up my race back for the years BM10K. Hard to believe that almost a year ago I was doing the same but for my first ever marathon, the Brighton marathon. This year I thought it wise to just do the 10k but I still love the atmosphere all the same and for the third year in a row (for me) it was going to be a beautiful weekend.

As I got off the number 7 bus at Kemp Town the Centre was already a buzz with runners doing warm up runs and taking in the sights. I over heard a couple of them swapping war stories and I crossed the pedestrian crossing. To me it was a bit annoying that the race packet collection was by the sea this year and not in the convention centre. Don’t know the rational behind that but also the Expo was there this year, and sadly that to seemed really small in comparison to last year. Not even less vendors but also events that would represent their respected runs and hand out flyers. Its how I would grow to my ever large wishlist of events to do. But not every year will be the same.

Luckily for me getting my 10k packet was quite easy. Waved to a friend from my training group “Run Brighton” and both wished each other good luck with tomorrow and like that I was out.  I thought I would enjoy the sunshine for a bit and then check out the expo.

Flash forward a few hours and boy I am relieved that I went when I did! The que for the number collection was massive! I stopped by the Dublin Marathon, which is on the wish list, and Ragnar Relay, totally embarrassing myself because I thought one of the reps was American, and even said “oh I thought you didn’t have an English accent” then I watched his body slightly seize up…but he was English and the more he spoke I heard it. (facepalm) I said my goodbyes and tried not to look to obviously embarrassed, I think I over heard his mate saying something, but you could drive yourself crazy with what ifs and worrying about what they are saying

Nothing was really drawing my attention this year at the expo, but again there
wasn’t a lot of choice. I put my deposit down for my usual running group training runs summer season with Run Brighton, and then headed home for some rest and packing of my kit

Took the obligatory kit photo before sealing up drop bag (which I could not figure out the adhesive at all!) ended up taping it shut with clear tape. 

Sunday morning I am heading down to Preston Park. Last year I took a taxi but this year I figured why not just walk, I am certainly not covering the distance like I did last year.

I did a quick Periscope broadcast and a few Instagram Story updates and made my way down to the park.

Once I was in the park met up with my friend Jodie. We met back in 2015 at the Brooks Brighton 10k and the weather was a far cry from today. It was cold, very windy, and rainy. So we could not get our heads around this warm sunshine.

We took turns saying hi to our respected friends running in various club or charity vests and shirts, then headed off to bag drop.

It was time to go! We made our way to the start line, and I had my Garmin Fenix 3 qued up and ready to go. Didn’t have this baby last year but this year was so happy to finally have the watch that I took two years saving up for on my wrist. And it’s a tank of a watch for sure!!! I love it.

And we are off! Now my poor pal Jodie is still fighting a major cold, something I was dealing with about 4 weeks ago, and it sucked! It was one of the reasons why I knew today was not going to be a personal best because I just didn’t have enough time on feet.

We made our way down from Preston Park and then up into the theatre district part of the lanes, passing the dome and corn exchange. It was nice getting in and out of the shade through the buildings. It wouldn’t be until later that we didn’t realize how good we had it.

We double backed on ourselves and ran past the Pavilion and smiled for the cameras. At this point we were conserving our energy and walking a minute and running for 5 or as many as we could.

The heat was catching up with us, and I didn’t have any summer gear so I’m still in black thermal tights. We made our way now towards the sea and I could see the Pier ahead of us where we took a curved right and ran under the massive “Go Team Panda” footbridge and it became very clear we were now in the elements for the next 45 minutes. No trees, no shade, no breeze.

Now I’m ashamed to say I used to be able to do much warmer temps when I was
growing up in Oklahoma and Kansas however I wasn’t outside running for
an hour and a half, so part of me shouldn’t be too bummed. But if I ever want to do the Sahara challenge I need to get used to warmer weather and keeping cool

Jodie and I traded off walking and running as we made our way down the Kingsway road taking turns looking at one another says “how much further until we turn around?” finally after what seemed like forever we made our way to the last bend in the course and we knew we were in the last stretch. I still took my time for now the heat was getting to me. 

My decision of wearing all black was really taking its toll as it donned on me, that
last year I was wearing white Team Panda charity vest so I wasn’t attracting the sun as much. I wasn’t in the throws of a possible heat stroke, and I made sure that I took two cups of water, one for my body and one for me to drink.

The split moment the cold water hit my warm back always made me gasp but it was a welcomed relief.

“Not far ladies” “your so close keep going” “you can do this” we kept hearing.

Now I like this and it keeps me going but for my pal she was getting a bit fed up and was like ugh we know just leave me be. Which fair enough we all deal in our own way.

There it was the finish, and our competitive natures started to kick in as I felt Jodie speed up, then I sped up, then she matched, and then I kicked into full gear and pulled away for a spring finish. It was all in fun and banter, as I immediately turned around to give her a big cuddle
We made our way down picking up our medal, some recovery food and our finisher tee, which was the only down fall of the day.

They only had XS left?!?! Why the hell would you have only XS left when im sorry most of the people at the end of these races are bigger people (myself included!) and we also put our shirt size down when we enter. So I was not impressed and even put a tweet about it. But they said to email the office and they will get us a replacement shirt. I have a feeling it wont be the official ones but one can try,

And I know most season runners don’t even give to tosses about the shirts but I do, and my mate Jodie was counting on it as a shirt to put on after the event. Luckily I packed to top options and let her use one of mine.

We were stopped by a photographer who took some after photos which I didn’t do last year. Oh yeah that’s because my ass was super slow and most people were leaving by then ah hahaha.

Finally we hobbled to the beach where we both took turns laughing at each other on how ridiculous we looked in our finisher tees and then changed into our spare shoes and things.

After some bearings we made our way to the Brighton Music Hall, which is below the  main road where the marathon was taking place, and you could almost for get it was happening because the music and atmosphere took over.

We have a well deserved summer cider and a massive burger then said our good byes. She was meeting up with her fella who was running the marathon, and me I had a flat to clean.


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