Long break between Adventures

Autumn is quickly becoming my favourite time of the year. I mean it was also a transitional time for me much like the leaves changing colours and falling from the trees around me. When I was in school this is when those first crushes on boys would develop and the hope for a date for homecoming and winter balls. usually only to be broken up before valentines day…

But for me its also experiencing the change in the weather. this morning I actually got up earlier so I didn’t have to rush into work and decided to walk into work and enjoy the park. I loved the still cool air and the sounds of the leaves falling to the ground.

I always love saint James Park because there is always wildlife running around. From the various breeds of geese to ducks. I’ve never see so many different types of birds all in their colours of blacks and browns. I also enjoy seeing the squirrels bouncing around as they look for nuts. I would call them grey squirrels because where I’m from in the states we also had larger red squirrels, but they can be bullying little bastards, so I have a soft spot for the little grey ones.

But what got me the most from my little walk in the heart of the city that it was quite and peaceful. I didn’t have my usual music playing in my ears. No this morning nature was my music. And within that moment for the first time I felt mindfulness, I was in the moment. Something I struggle with. Be it a deadline at work or a financial issue plaguing me at night. But this morning silence, and it was glorious. I also think being in nature helped. So dualy noted I need to head to nature to recharge

Sorry a short one today but soon will have my recap of last months Royal Parks Half