Tulleys Farm Shocktoberfest – 2017

By definition Tulleys Shocktober Fest is the most interactive and immersive Halloween entertainment in the U.K.

Full of incredible haunted attractions, the multi-award winning Scream Park features the infamous Horrorwood Haunted Hayride, The Cellar Haunted House, Hell-ements and many more. Creating unique and immersive scare experiences that blend great design and extraordinary talent with a splattering of comedy.

They are proud winners of multiple industry and public voted awards. Since 2008, Shocktober Fest has repeatedly won the title of the UK’s No.1 Halloween Attraction. Tulleys Farm is a friendly, family run business based in Crawley.

I went last year with a group of three other friends and I was pleasantly surprised because I hate haunted attractions. See where I come from in the states there will be ,assign old warehouses gutted and packed with strobe lights and all sorts of gore and scares. All of this doesn’t bother me (well maybe the strobe lights but that’s the Epilepsy talking) no for me it’s the sole fact the actors touch you! Nope nope a whole lotta nope. Never come up behind me it never ends well.

with that background info I was hesitant to say yes last year but I could tell my roommate really wanted to go and I couldn’t be a spoiled sport. And we had a cracking time to the point we bought VIP tickets this year

Flash forward to this year it was just me and the roommate this time. We knew the layout and it looked like a lot of the haunts were the same but what was different this time was we could go as many times as we wanted to skip the que (line)

I would highly suggest this. I was hesitant getting VIP but if you get say the 2018 tickets now for 40£ each you will not be disappointed. If you think you are only going to want to do the haunts once then fasttrack is good. You get a card and wrist band and a stamp once you’ve done it. We arrived late last year so we only had time to do them once and that was with us skipping the que. so yes the tickets are worth their weight in gold so book now! Otherwise your looking a 50-60£ at the door

This year we go there at 6pm instead of 8 last time. A little bit of a heads up the park opens around 17:30 but the actual haunts don’t start until and hour after the park opens. There are a few food vendors doing the usual pork and stuffing sandwich, burgers, sausage man, Chinese food. For those who are animal conscious there is also further in the park a free range pork sandwich stall that is there every year. That’s usually where we go. I’m not veggitarian but I do try and get high welfare meet when I can.

There are also of course beer and bars in the park too (it wouldn’t be England if there wasn’t alcohol) also there are some games like a apple slingshot, corn blast, and my favourite paint ball. These are all side by side in a shooting range style and are about 2-5£ a go. They are located by the exit of the “Coven” haunt

Speaking of which let’s do a breakdown of the haunts…

************* Spoilers Ahead *************
This year there were 8 and pretty much the same from last year. The colony was the same structure wise but instead of a Salem style they changed costumes to more of a mad max vibe. And the twisted 3D had more clowns this year in it probably due to the popularity of the “IT” remake

************* Spoilers Ahead *************
So first we started out on the Horrorwood Haunted Hayride. I could be wrong but I believe I heard somewhere this was the haunt that started it all and us the original. You are loaded on the back of a tractor with benches for you to sit facing the people across from you with the back left open with some stairs. You get an audio intro with some safety instructions and pass a massive sign imitating the Hollywood sign but instead saying horror wood because you go through the woods. Along the way we were greeted by a soldier and a creepy person coming out of the corn fields. The run and jump up onto the flatbed that we are all sitting one and interact with various people on the ride then get off before you hit the next section. There are various shout outs to filmed like this year was Alice in wonderland, the mummy, western cowboys , some haunted ghost on a swing (with a very loud bang) old school bell hops that are psychotic. Pole dancing nuns and finally the boys from another haunt Chop Shop that will scare the crap out of you while saying squeal like a pig!

Next we decided to get the colony out of the way. This one last year was the one of only two times I felt nervous in a haunt. This year we hot a mad max vibe but mixed in with some mummy as the first thing that comes running st you after the open the lard wooden doors is Emotep. You twist and wind your way along the wooded walls but there is a room where the fog is so thick and the way the light is you truly don’t know which way you need to go. I swap last year the room was bigger because this year wasn’t as bad but both years I went into survival mode and found the wall and just kept one hand on the wall. You get various people shouting some Latin sounding language and loud bags. At the end you had s proper mad max character sitting on a throne before you had to choose a side and hope you don’t hit someone with a chainsaw (they liked their chainsaws this year) that wasn’t quite how it ended last year and I had to close my eyes and run to avoid the strobe lights. I’m ok if it’s only a few seconds or a certain speed. 

Next was VIXI now I don’t know if it’s pronounced Vixie or if its Roman numerals spelling out 6 11. It’s probably the first. This one taps into a different kind of fear as you put a sack over your head nod you can not see a thing. So you are relying on your heightened sense if hearing and touch which can leave one on edge. This was one last year that I panicked as I lost the rope last year and couldn’t feel anything around me. Sometimes the sacks are a bit see through and the second time we did this haunt this year I could make out shadows so I wasn’t as nervous. I also went into survival mode again and hand roommate behind me. She had one hand in my back pocket and I would guide her other hand if the rope changed directions so we didn’t lose each other. While all this is going one there is a bombardment of “torutured souls” screaming and creatures blowing in your face and ears and wobbling the walkpath and rope you are holding on. There is a massive explosion at end and you give sacks back at end to an attendent but then it’s not over there is like a section that’s like a butcher shop with once again a shout out to another haunt called Chop Shop

We walked around for a bit after VIXI and then decided to hit the Coven. I really liked this one last year because the first room you go in is fog with green laser lights and makes it look like you are in a swamp and bad witches come out at you. All the while you are trying to squeeze past these inflated walls that came up to me and the roommates chest (we are very petite) you go in and out a few houses avoiding the bad witches putting curses in you or looking for lost children. And then that’s about it. It feels like one of the faster haunts and has a little bit of a feeling of the Colony with open sections with fire pits

This one I would say is the most chill of out all of them. It’s the most lit and not as much going on so you aren’t over stimulated by sounds or sights. If you are of a nervous disposition I’d say this is probably the best one to start with. It’s also the most traditional because it’s a haunted house. This is one we did once because we favoured some of the others better

Then taking a completely different tone from creepy cottage this is visual overload! I have to be careful with this one because if I get to many patterns that can trigger my epilepsy but fear not it’s not to bad in that sense if I could do it. You are given some paper 3D glasses to put on and then the world of neon lights comes to life. There is circus like music playing and every room is full of bright neon patterns and shapes with the glasses making them pop out at you. The further you go the more freaks or I guess clowns this year start to surround you. I just felt mor over whelmed as I was try to dodge them and get on to the next room. The only place I struggled and thought I was going to fall over is a bridge that is surrounded by a large cillender circling the room. The sensation gave me terrible vertigo (which is the point) and I had to close my eyes and run through as fast as possible otherwise my lovely sausage I had for dinner would come up. I’d say this is my least favourite but I can appreciate what they are going for and it’s the opposite of VIXI where the sights are overwhelming 

The cellar is actually the first haunt on your left when you enter the park and is tucked in the back. This one is a clusterphobiacs worst nightmare. There are inflated walls everywhere that you have to push through and can’t see anything in front of you. Giant snakes jump out at you and the walls keep closing in. There are a few rooms in there to break up the space but of you get any kind of clusterphobia good luck!

Finally last but not least Chop Shop…the haunt that I keep mentioning. I’d like to say I lease the best for last but it’s more the most challenging for me and I find myself wanting to run though it. It is obviously reference to the redneck stereotypes (which I did know some people in the states that sounded like that) but you start in a garage and are followed around various gutted cars and parts on shelves that you twist and wind through. 

Then the second half is filled with chainsaw toting hicks that will chase you all the while strobelights are flashing against the wall (white walls!) so the visual effect is higtened. Some rooms the speed of the flash is so slow that one second no one is in front of you and then immediately they are. By this point I’m usually opening my eyes for a second to see the room then close them and grab the roommate. It’s tricky for me because I don’t want to wait there to long and make myself sick but also don’t want to kill the fun because I want to get out of there as soon as possible.

And there you have it. I’m really excited next year is a new haunt that they were hinting st so a large jail like cage and three police bobbies guarding it and pestering the guests. So definitely some sort of prison or asylum which would be cool since that horror trope hasn’t been done yet at tulleys. 

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