2017 Brighton Santa Dash – Race Recap

Still feeling a bit sorry for myself at my Royal Parks Half Marathon, I was telling myself no more races until I got fitter. I needed to stop just making due and really try and train again like I did in 2016.

Needless to day I didn’t follow my advice and I saw this little diddy on Facebook and I didn’t have anything planned so I said to hell with it and signed up just for fun. I was running behind and my phone died so I was in a panic as I had literally 10 minutes to get ready before our race at 10:30. I took for granted that I live so close to it and was also having some breakfast and was just a little too leisurely.

Luckily they had our costumes and bibs by last name and I easily found mine and rushed to put the costume one. but i needed to be careful as its only made out of cheap felt and could easily rip.

I made it just in time to film the kids dash down the hove promenade and take some footage before getting ready with the rest of my fellow Santas. What struck me was how cold it was, there was actual ice by the sea side. If anyone knows their basic primary school science lessons the salt air makes it hard for ice to form. So that was ver telling, but it was a crystal clear day! beautiful day for a Santa Dash.

runners, walkers, dogs and prams

We do our usual count down and we are off! there are walkers and joggers, serious runners and families with prams and dogs, it was awesome. there was a cute little baby that had some stuffed toys like a deer and a badger to make up his sleigh as a small boombox played christmas classics. It reminded me of the Heroes/Villans Run I did way back in 2015 (and pretty much the same route) but everyone was just out to have some fun.

GoPro in hand I was filming all the sights and sounds when it dawned on me…this is not a 1 mile fun run…this is a 5k! some how I missed the memo that this was a actual 5k race, i thought it was only a mile. but when they said head down to the lagoon and back I knew that distance. but it didn’t phase me as I am VERY familiar but i wouldn’t have had a Macdonalds breakfast if it was that far.

Some of the faster Santas on the way back to finish line

I loved seeing everyones take on the costume, and there was a lovely lady picking up all the spare belts and pieces of costumes people dropped easily by mistake. We made our way down the end of the promenade and the lagoon on our right and Fat Boy Slims house ahead, I’m almost 90% sure I saw him walk down and have a watch. I mean you cant miss 100s of santas now can you?

I did my usual Walk/Run and took it easier as I crashed my bike last weekend and really banged up my knee. Which on a side note SKINS running tights are amazing! I proper gave myself a road rash and it was through those tights and there isn’t a single tear in them! my knee on the other hand cant say the same, but i am so pleasantly surprised and will certainly be getting more in the future, especially when I get healthier and do Obstacle Racing again.

Probably my best Race Selfie in a while

Anyway back to the race, I was nearing the finish line and could hear the youth brass band playing christmas classics and I had enough energy saved to do my usual sprint to finish line and that was all she wrote. We had a promotion where we could get free goodies if we walked to the Tempest Inn in our costumes…and as tempting as that was I decided to head home and rest instead.

Bit of a short race recap in this one, but as always I’m doing a little video and hopefully will have that ready on my YouTube channel and will update post here when its available. I will also be covering lots of Christmas events the next couple of weeks and my epic birthday bash at the 02!