Luna Beach Cinema

I make it no secret that I like gimmicky experiences, heck thats half the fun of writing on here about them. With that in mind Brighton has no shortage of experiences for you to indulge and today I’m writing about my experience with the Luna Beach Cinema that I went not once, but twice. Both were at different times and crowd sizes so I hopefully will be able to give a decent review and recount of my experiences

A little back story this used to be called Brighton’s Big Screen and from day one I always wanted to see some shows. Sadly commuting the way it is from London or choices, times, or the dreaded lack of money I was unable to. But this year I was determined to not stuff my face with that burger and actually do something.

the first time was Moulin Rouge. Now if you have read my blog before you know I love Moulin Rouge as one of my top 10 all time favourite films and even saw it in the infamous Secret Cinema in London. So it felt fitting to do another gimmick adventure involving this film but this time wasn’t as crazy as Secret Cinema.

I packed up my full-size bike and took my little beach mat as the tickets were only five pounds. (bargain really) Pedalling down the cycle lane that ran parallel with Hove Lawns and then later the Brighton Palace Peir I took in the sights and sounds of the early morning. filming a few things here and there on the trusty GoPro for a later vlog post.

Pulling over to just listen to the morning tied coming in, or maybe going out, I am never sure which is which. The seagulls with their high pitched screech echoing through out the sky as the warm still air hit my skin. Yep it was going to be a hot one today, as I was already feeling hot and if it wasn’t for the cool air from my cycling I would have said never mind.

Passing the pier the smell of sickly sweet doughnuts and pancake batter hit my nose and I felt my stomach grumble, but it was no matter I knew the outdoor cinema has snacks and food. One of the terms of entry into the premises was no outside food or drink, which I think is fair. Disembarking off my bike, crew members from the Brighton Zip were doing their line and safety checks as I locked up and made my way to entrance of the Cinema

Security was very simple as they did a bag check and I was given my dark grey wrist band. Of course due to being over eager and the first showing of the day I was the only person there.

Taking advantage of this I scoped out the bar and food stalls which were a vegetarian option, and Indian option, and finally your standard burger and sausage stall.

Directly behind me was a large bar and to the right was the beach hut where you could buy popcorn, beach chairs, blankets and much more.j

Making my way closer to the screen I checked out the vip beach huts that you could hire all day. This is an amazing option especially if you are watching the sporting events. You obviously run the risk of buying one for the day which if memory serves me is 104£ a day.

But it’s unlimited drinks and service. Which to call on your personal server there was a flagpole outside which you raise a little flag to notify you need anything.

I made my way towards the middle and sat on the hot pebbles and it became very clear I would not be able to sit like this for the whole duration of the show. Luckily they still had beach chairs to rent for 10£ which let me tell you is worth it’s weight in gold!

Finally with some drinks ready it was time for Moulin Rouge to start. Had a few sponsor adverts playing first, which hey understand you have to keep them happy, and some healthy safely announcements and then it was time for the show.

Now if you haven’t seen Moulin Rouge it’s a dark film, and I don’t mean subject matter, I mean colour and look. Now we had the 11am sun hitting directly on the screen. To the point the opening scene you could barely see anything. If I hadn’t seen the film countless times I would see some people being disappointed. Obviously they can’t control weather but yeah not the best films to play that early in day.

With that said I still had a great time and then headed back a week later to see dirty dancing at an evening show. Which was a lot better as the sun was behind the screen but this time I needed to buy a back rest as the deck chairs were all rented. That being said the atmosphere was great even people clapping and cheering when they did the final dance which made the atmosphere even better.

Overall I’d say I certainly would go again and maybe next time do the beach hut and see what that is all about.

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